the lenni lenape  nation of arzareth in america

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Leonard Edward Wells(Judeo-Arabic:Asad Khalil-ibn Ibaku)

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Past Degree of I: Loe Ella Hayy El Eluh

Past Degree of SELF:Corporeal Self/Mmonwu

Past Degree of LAW:Cowan, Lewis,Salik

Degree of AM:University and Court Debate on if the Ebos/Hebrews are the sons of Israel or just Illegal immigrants: Yisrael Today originally reported in 2006 how the Chief Rabbinate recognized the Ebos (Heeboes) as sons of Israel (click here to read). (the K.O.Y & Bani Yahweh leaders). because their conversion process wasn?t registered with the State of Israel.  in the Beth Din (courts) the legitimacy of the Ebos/Hebrews Judaism. We believe that this is one of the most significant events to happen in the Israelite community. For the first time the Hebrew Israelite presence has been confirmed on the West Coast of Africa. there were no direct connection between them and the Ethiopian community). Most Ethiopians would proudly tell you that only a small minority of them were taken into slavery. And most recently the Lemba have been proven to be descendants of the Cohenim through DNA. Nevertheless, their history records among them say only a small minority of them were taken into slavery. Yet, the Ebos/Hebrews in Nigeria on the west coast of Africa were majority of Africans that were taken into slavery to the Americas beginning in the 1600's. Historians show that the Egbo Society communicated by using a secret Ebo writing system known as that of Nsibidi. Nsibidi symbols were recently discovered to be engraved on a number of African-American tombstones in Virginia. They also confirmed that most of the slaves brought to the Americas came from Nigeria hence the term "Niger or Nigger" and later becoming a derogatory word. So in this confirmation of our brothers the Ebo, that consist mostly of the tribes of Gad, Zebulun and Issachar, is just the tip of the 'ice burg'. Because in this confirmation it confirms the beliefs of many of the Hebrew Israelite communities in the United States that they were brought on slaveships from the west coast of Africa, mainly Ghana and Nigeria (in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy). So what we have seen in our lifetime is a completed trail of black jews from Israel down to East Africa over to West Africa and into the slaveship bound for the Americas (click to view the map of this trail). support the Ebo community because 95 percent of Hebrews in America claim to be of African/Hebrew descent. the Beth Din handled the case. The Judge found that the reason the documents the people had weren?t registered with the State was because of the delay of the Rabbinate from filing the documents when considering whether or not to recognize the 80 people as a returning tribe of Israel or as new immigrant converts. The Judge (after they reviewed the evidence and process that the Ebos/Hebrews did in the State) concluded that their Aliyah was legitimate and said that there was no fault done by the Rabbis or 80 Ebos/Hebrews, plus they should not have been deported by the State. After this triumphant victory one quoted ?Our prayers at the House of Yahweh were answered with this amazing victory.? people, it is time for Israel to start reaching out to them, assessing their claims to Jewish ancestry and acting to help those worthy of assistance.Olem for converts can be revoked at any time based on their feelings of who is a Jew or not. But our people should come as the sons of Israel according to their blood (with DNA), with all rights of the freedom of religion to worship according to the ancient Hebrew Torah. Thus, the ultimate way for us to return to our home country is through the State declaration of independence that gives all the sons of Israel the right to return to the land of Israel that is the State of Israel.-Shemot T Tzavveh 28:29

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